What makes OdooSME different?

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We think SMEs need the same great ERP tools used by big companies and multi-nationals. But it doesn't have to be expensive. With OdooSME, any business of any size can benefit from the tools ERP offers for business success

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OdooSME is Odoo targeted at SMEs and delivered in the cloud.
There is a module for every business and function. No other software comes with such a number of modules and so tightly integrated.

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Implementation of ERP Projects can be complex, time consuming and sometimes frustrating. With OdooSME, we have made the adoption of ERP painless with automated installation & instant activation

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As a web-based solution, anyone and any business can use OdooSME. No deep training required.
That is why we took over all the technical stuff so that SMEs can focus on running their businesses

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Become a Value Reseller

OdooSME presents a great opportunity for marketers, resellers and partners seeking to earn guaranteed residual income to partner with us. No training or registration fees required. Our generous commission starts out at 7.5% of the advertised plan price and could be as high as 10% depending on number of subscriptions sold. And this is not a one-off commission. We will continue to pay this commission as long as the customer account is renewed.

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